What is going to happen in the WWE?

With the New Year just having past, you may be wondering what is in store for the WWE this year. And you may even wonder what WWE 2k18 might be like. There could be many exciting events that could happen in the next few years for the WWE. And if you are a huge fan of wrestling, then you should also be excited for what is going to come in the next few years of professional wrestling. And you should note that there will be a lot of exciting predictions to what is going to happen to the WWE in the next year.

More episodes of SmackDown Live will continue to air in the next coming years of the WWE channel. The show continues to impress fans with its great episodes and intriguing storylines. There seems to be no end in sight for this popular wrestling show, so you should know that there could be a lot more coming for SmackDown Live in the next few years. The Battle Royal is also going to be held in the next year, and fans are eagerly awaiting who could end up winning the coveted title of wrestling champion for the Battle Royale match.

In the next few years, there could also be some shake-ups in the world of wrestling. WWE 2018 will see the return of WrestleManio to New Orleans. Previously the event had been held in that historic city, however, in 2018, fans will finally see the return of the popular event to New Orleans, after several years of being held elsewhere. The Undertake has also returned to WWE Raw, to the delight of many fans. And if you are a big fan of this professional wrestler, you will be glad to note that in the coming year, you will get to see more of him on the WWE.